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AstroCase™ 2600 Camera Case - Fits ASI2600MM/MC

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Designed to fit the ZWO ASI2600MM(and MC) cooled astrophotography camera, the AstroCase 2600 Camera Case is made from a tough PETG shell with a soft and squishy TPU sleeve to help protect your camera.  Comes in a variety of colors!  These cases feature a textured finish.

All TPU sleeves will be transparent, unless explicitly stated otherwise.  We hope to offer color options for that piece as well in the future.

In our testing so far, we have found NO negative impact on sensor temperatures/cooling performance with our cases.

Please note: This is a 3D printed product.  As such, layer lines and other small cosmetic defects may be present.  We do our best to prevent/remove them, but rest assured they will not affect the performance of the case.  The color of the case may also fade over time due to prolonged exposure to UV from the Sun.  If this a concern to you, watch out for our future ASA cases!