Upcoming new products for June/July

Damen Knight

We're continuing to add more camera models to our AstroCase line just as fast as we can, and I'm hopeful that we're going to be adding ones for the ZWO ASI533 and ASI1600 series cameras in the next week or two!

We are also working on cases for the ZWO ASI678MC and ASI178MM cameras, though I am less firm on the timeline for those.

And since we seem to be on a roll with ZWO accessories, we're also hard at work on a whole BUNCH of stuff for the SeeStar S50!  Stay tuned for more news on this, but for now I'll share that this should really improve the overall SeeStar experience, both in terms of functionality and ease-of-use.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following along on this journey, and thanks for all your support!