Welcome to Miscellaneous Nerdery!

Damen Knight

Welcome to the official storefront for Miscellaneous Nerdery LLC!  

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be here typing this, on the day of our official Launch.  Right out of the gate, we are introducing our AstroCase product line.  These cases for astrophotography cameras are designed to help offer additional protection for your camera, as well as giving you the flexibility of changing colors!

We are initially launching with two models of the AstroCase, the 2600 and the 120/174.  The 2600 is designed to fit the ZWO ASI2600MM/MC cameras, and the 120/174 is designed to fit the ZWO ASI120MM-Mini and the ZWO ASI174MM-Mini cameras.  Dont worry though, we have cases for many more models of cameras in the works, including for QHY cameras!

All of our AstroCases feature a tough PETG outer shell, and our 2600 model includes a softer TPU inner sleeve for additional protection.

There's more in the future than just cases though, so keep your eyes out for other exciting new product lines coming soon!